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The next accommodates spoilers for Dune: Half Two


Director Denis Villeneuve confirms he is engaged on a script for Dune: Half Three, persevering with Paul Atreides’ story. Villeneuve goals to maintain Frank Herbert’s imaginative and prescient alive and honor the spirit of the unique Dune novel. Dune Messiah will play an important function in revealing the total which means of the Dune saga.

Director Denis Villeneuve previews a possible Dune 3 by teasing how it will hook up with the unique e book. Primarily based on Frank Herbert’s basic sci-fi novel, Villeneuve’s Dune: Half One offered solely a chunk of the epic story of Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atreides. That story is ready to proceed with Dune: Half Two, which picks up Paul’s saga as he joins the mysterious Fremen in a battle in opposition to the evil Harkonnens. However as all followers of Herbert know, Paul’s story doesn’t finish with the unique Dune novel, as Herbert additionally revealed a sequel, Dune Messiah, wherein Paul’s true future is revealed.

Dune director Villeneuve has certainly spoken of his want to comply with up his personal upcoming Dune sequel with Dune: Half Three, and in a current interview, he confirmed that he’s engaged on a script, whereas teasing how the third chapter in his epic would fulfill Dune writer Herbert’s imaginative and prescient. Take a look at what he mentioned under (Cine 21 through

“I am engaged on 4 completely different screenplays — I do know that Dune Messiah can be one in every of them, I do not know if it is going to be the subsequent or the second subsequent. My job was to attempt to preserve the spirit of Frank Herbert alive as a lot as potential — the entire which means of Dune turns into clear with Dune Messiah.”

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Dune Messiah Reveals Paul’s True Future – And It’s Darkish

The unique Dune e book charts Paul’s rise to turn out to be not solely the chief of the desert-dwelling insurgent Fremen, however a really messianic determine referred to as the Kwisatz Haderach, the achievement of the Bene Gesserit’s centuries-long program of bloodline manipulation. In Dune lore, Paul goes on to overthrow the emperor Shaddam IV, unleashing a struggle that spreads the Fremen manner throughout the recognized universe.

If Dune: Half Two ends the place the unique Dune novel does, its climax will see Paul defeating his enemies, the Harkonnens and the emperor, and assuming the mantle of Kwisatz Haderach. Nevertheless, as Villeneuve teased in Dune: Half One, Paul is aware of by way of his visions that the struggle he’s unleashing will get out of his management and unfold terror to different worlds. Dune Messiah, in persevering with Paul’s story, reveals how this reluctant god faces as much as the results of what he’s caused, and issues take a really darkish flip certainly.

The second of six Dune novels, Dune Messiah was revealed in 1969.

The Dune Messiah story turns into so darkish, in truth, that if Villeneuve stays devoted to Herbert’s imaginative and prescient, he dangers angering audiences. It stays to be seen if Villeneuve’s Dune 3 ever involves fruition, but it surely sounds as if the director means to finish Paul’s saga as Herbert envisioned it, regardless of how grim and tragic that saga turns into.

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