‘Wish’ Ending Explained — Do Dreams Come True?

Editor’s Observe: The next incorporates spoilers for Want.

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Disney’s Want is a heartwarming celebration that honors Walt Disney Animation’s 100-year historical past, with likable characters, nice music, and high-quality animation. The story follows Asha, a youngster within the kingdom of Rosas, who discovers the darkish secret behind King Magnifico’s wish-granting powers and units out to free the desires of the dominion. With the assistance of her associates and the magical star named Star, Asha defeats the power-hungry King Magnifico and restores peace to the dominion, turning into the brand new Fairy Godmother of Rosas.

Disney ends the yr with a centennial celebration of Walt Disney Animation Studios with the brand new CG-animated function, Want. The brand new function is a captivating, heartwarming celebration that honors Walt Disney Animation’s 100-year historical past with likable characters, nice music, and high-quality animation. The story follows the younger teenager, Asha (Ariana DeBose), a vivid younger lady and citizen of the dominion of Rosas. Rosas is dominated by a strong sorcerer named King Magnifico (Chris Pine), who has the facility to grant needs, however that energy has a darkish secret.


Want follows a younger lady named Asha who needs on a star and will get a extra direct reply than she bargained for when a trouble-making star comes down from the sky to affix her.

Launch Date November 23, 2023

Director Chris Buck, Fawn Veerasunthorn

Solid Chris Pine, Alan Tudyk, Ariana DeBose, Evan Peters

Score PG

Runtime 92 minutes

Genres Animation, Journey, Comedy

After first in search of to grow to be King Magnifico’s apprentice, Asha learns the key of the dominion’s needs. The opposite residents of Rosas quit their hearts’ wishes throughout a ceremony on their 18th birthday, after which King Magnifico erases the reminiscences of their needs, hoarding all of them to himself. As soon as a month, he grants one particular person’s want, however he refuses to provide any of the desires again, fearing they could possibly be harmful. Asha turns into disenchanted with King Magnifico when he refuses to grant the want of Asha’s 100-year-old grandfather, Sabino (Victor Garber), who desires to create one thing to encourage the youthful generations. This leads to Asha wishing for one thing extra, and the facility of her want brings the little wishing star named Star, who seeks to assist Asha free the desires of Rosas and return them to everybody. So, how does their mission pan out, and the way precisely does Disney’s Want finish?

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Star’s Energy Drives King Magnifico Mad

The strict, authoritarian King Magnifico grows paranoid when Asha’s want brings Star to Rosas. He takes the existence of magic aside from his personal as a risk and seeks to accumulate Star’s power to make use of for himself. He refuses to heed the warnings of his spouse, Queen Amaya (Angelique Cabral), and he harnesses the magic of a darkish forbidden spell. The forbidden spell takes maintain of Magnifico and drives him mad, and he turns into much more obsessive about capturing Asha and Star, crafting a magic workers to soak up the little ball of pleasure’s energy.

Magnifico additionally absorbs different individuals’s needs to extend his energy, and the act causes the victims to really feel grief and unhappiness. Magnifico’s actions make Asha a fugitive. After Magnifico realizes Asha is the one who wished for Star, he goes to her residence, destroying the want of Asha’s mom, Sakina (Natasha Rothwell). Asha and Star handle to rescue Asha’s household, and so they search to quickly escape from the island kingdom. Nevertheless, Asha realizes she should return to the dominion to cease Magnifico and make all the pieces proper.

Asha Rallies Her Pals In opposition to Magnifico

Picture through Walt Disney Studios

After returning to Rosas, Asha manages to clarify to her associates what the evil King Magnifico has achieved, and Queen Amaya sides with them in opposition to her husband. The group comes up with a plan collectively to cease Magnifico and free the desires stored in his fortress’s tower. Nevertheless, Magnifico units a entice for the group, brainwashing one in every of Asha’s associates, Simon (Evan Peters), in opposition to her whereas her different associates attempt to free the dominion’s needs from the tower. Magnifico’s trickery works at first, and he captures Star inside his workers on the prime of his fortress’s tower whereas the remainder of the townspeople watch on. Asha wills the remainder of the individuals of Rosas in opposition to Magnifico. Utilizing the facility of their star magic inside their hearts, they overcome Magnifico’s magic. Star is free of the mad king’s workers, and the desires are liberated from his clutches as properly. The desires return to their rightful homeowners, and Asha and her associates are victorious.

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Peace Returns to Rosas

Picture through Disney

Because of his meddling with forbidden magic, Magnifico has been trapped within the reflective lenses of the highest of his workers, with Queen Amaya ordering a guard to hold it on a wall within the dungeon. There is a reference to the Magic Mirror from Disney’s Snow White, and the movie incorporates a number of references about Magnifico resembling the Magic Mirror. With Magnifico out of the best way, Queen Amaya takes over as the dominion’s new ruler. In the meantime, Asha’s pal Simon apologizes, and Asha and her different associates forgive him for listening to Magnifico. Asha’s grandfather Sabino, now that he is regained his want and its reminiscence, begins enjoying music and having enjoyable with the townsfolk. Hopefully, he is on the street to making a track that can encourage the generations to come back.

Asha comes to comprehend that Star must go away Rosas quickly, so it will probably assist different individuals accomplish their desires. In the meantime, Amaya seeks to assist different residents make their desires come true by means of extra sensible means. Earlier than Star leaves, it fixes a magic stick that it made for Asha earlier, making it a working magic wand. At her associates’ suggestion, Asha then resolves to grow to be the brand new Fairy Godmother of Rosas. Earlier, she even wore a cloak resembling the Fairy Godmother from Disney’s Cinderella in one other amusing Easter egg. Star can also be meant to be the “Wishing Star” that has appeared in a number of Disney tales, so Want acts as an uplifting, magical origin story for the magical star that characters have wished upon in Disney animated classics. As for Asha’s grandfather creating one thing particular that can encourage future generations, moviegoers must keep by means of the closing credit to find the reply.

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Want is now in theaters within the U.S.

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